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Automate the core functions of AI and ML to transform internal & public data into actionable knowledge and streamline insights for better, faster decisions.

Aumplex Foundation Model

Streamlined Data Gathering for Powerful Models

Efficient Data Collection: Gather the essential data required for building and training your model with ease and effectiveness. Streamline the process to save time and resources, ensuring that you have the necessary data to achieve accurate and reliable model performance.

Precision in Data Labeling for Reliable Models

Accurate Data Labeling: Ensure precise Labeling of your data, a crucial step customized for each specialized vertical.
 Specialist guided reinforcement learning is utilized to enhance the labeling process, ensuring high-quality annotations that contribute to the reliability and effectiveness of your models.

Seamlessly Store and Manage Training Data

Efficient Data Storage Infrastructure: Obtain qualified assistance for your specific needs in making the correct decision about the most suitable storage location for your training data.
Simplify the data storage process for teams, enabling efficient organization and easy accessibility. Seamlessly integrate stored data into the model training pipeline for a smooth workflow.

Simplified Model Development for Faster Results

Effortless Model Development: You can choose pre-built models or your own program for simplified and efficient AI model development that meets your specific needs.
Efficient Model Development: Utilize open-source models for streamlined and rapid AI implementation, saving time and effort in the development process.
Seamless Model Execution: Easily train and run models for simplified inference.

Solutions: Integrate the latest AI solutions from PyTorch, HuggingFace, Tensorflow


Aumplex AI Automation Workbench Product Suite

Unlock the Benefits of the Aumplex AI Automation Workbench Product Suite to Enhance Your Operations

Boost Performance with Iterative Model Training

We improve model accuracy by iterating on parameters and experiments. We train, review, and retest models with you.
You can boost productivity by reducing GPUs batch wait times.

Efficient Training Iterations:

Execute the code to train and test the model.
Use techniques to speed up and improve efficiency.
Our experts will guide you through data preparation.

Machine Learning Operations:

Experimentation platforms enable setup, monitoring, tracking, and dashboard access.

Use Single GPU nodes to speed up training.

Single GPU Nodes:

Use stacked GPUs on multiple nodes to speed up training.
 Small models trained on a single node with appropriate multiples of GPUs.
 AWS GPUs provide good options for small models.

Multiple GPU Nodes:

Use multiple GPUs per node for faster training.
 Organize data in a systematic way for processing and collection.
 Kubernetes, SAP HANA Cloud, IBM Watson Studio, Databricks Lakehouse, Apache Mesos, Docker Swarm, and can be used to automate this process.
 Significantly reduce the cost and time of training and experiments.
 Our team of specialists guide you through all phases of development.

Smooth Production Run with Efficient Inferencing


Supercharge Model Production and Output Generation:

Our service delivers high-quality outputs and maximizes your model efficiency and performance in production.
CPUs are utilized for inferencing, with Multiple GPU Nodes utilized for large models.

Importance of Safety in Inference Infrastructure

Inference infrastructure depends on your model size and application needs.
 We integrate safety procedures during inferencing, building in guard rails to lower AI related compliance issues

Flexible Infrastructure optimized for Fast Inferencing

Utilize the newest hardware and GPUs to make your inferences faster and at lower cost.​
 Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, and other new entrants are driving CPU innovation.
 Complementary hardware and software approaches are dynamically optimized to lower your development costs.

Innovation at its Core: The integration, transfer, and knowledge creation from our patent claims

Our AI patent claims showcase our dedication to pioneering innovation, enabling us to redefine industries, elevate customer experiences, and shape the future with transformative solutions.

The portfolio of Fortune 50 & Fortune 500 companies citing our patent claims is a testament to our commitment to groundbreaking innovation.

Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that we stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Aumplex AI innovation spans a comprehensive range of groundbreaking technologies, unique processes, and inventive solutions.


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